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ProcessPractices also teaches a half, 1 and 2 day course on process improvement techniques.

You'll hear the concepts that MBA candidates learn. This workshop is a teaching tool for all managers regardless of their industry or functional area. It educates them on the concepts and tools needed by managers in leadership positions to make process changes in the areas for which they have accountability.


  • Learn a methodology of process improvement and tools to execute it.
  • Compare/Contrast popular performance improvement movements.
  • Discuss critical process improvement tools and their practical application on audits.
  • Learn the concept of process mapping and how to apply it.
  • Gain knowledge on the delicate balance between risk management and best practice efficiencies.
  • Glean insights into performance measurement principles and project management guidelines.
  • Learn how to create action plans to communicate process improvement ideas to process owners.
  • Understand the components of effective change management for process improvements.
  • Construct a process to quantify the tangible ROI on process improvements.
  • Discuss the 17 principles to Excellent Business Processes.
  • Read real-world case study examples.

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